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A sweet interview with Absurd founder Thaddeus Liversedge.
Absurd began carving its name in 2003 in the bowls of the East Arizona desert. At 16, artist and entrepreneur, Thaddeus Liversedge took to spreading the Absurd crew lifestyle, that of a skateboarder and artist front and center of every hand printed t-shirt. Strive for Peace, Doing our part to clothe the Naked were designs of the young Absurd days. Tapping into the spring of culture around the valley Absurd naturally joined forces with other artists, hip hop musicians and brands on projects to support the local and feed the need of a growing company. A decade later the mature raw designsAbsurd or Die, One foot in the Gravecontinue to embody the limit pushing mindset of skateboarding, graffiti, riding motorcycles, BMX and snowboarding. In essence, Absurd is and always will be a shared movement capturing the collective style, moments and contributions of the entire Absurd family.